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             Precoating vacuum drums filter is commonly used in viscous impurities material continuous filtration. Its advantage is thorough impurity separation, high filtering speed, less sugar fluid loss, low labour intensity and good working environment. It needs the aid of diatomite filter, and the power consumption is also higher than plate and frame filter press.

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             Users should consider material status, production scale and product class, and many other factorsduring using the precoating vacuum drum filter plate or frame filter press. Because the saccharification liquid of starch sugar industry contains a lot of insoluble protein, and is difficult to use plate and frame filter press filter. Rapid filtration pressure rise leads to frequent removal, thus saccharification liquid filter is especially suitable for use of precoating vacuum drum filter.
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         Win Tone precoating vacuum drum filter mainly has reasonable optimization design in the blade, cutting, automatic on-off device and vacuum tube inside the drum distribution. It has uniform soil, low diatomite consumption and easy operation.

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